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EGLICheck Weigher And Metal Detector

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Check Weigher

Check Weigher & Weights Dimensions in mm Technical Description
CW 1 kg 2360 w x 830w x 1700d Available in various width of belts
CW 10 kg 2360 w x 830w x 1700d Exceptional accuracy with specialised load cell up to 25 times faster than standard load cell
CW 50 kg 2360 w x 830w x 1700d Cables 1.5mm 4 core + ECC
Power Consumption 3 amps

Metal Detector



Egli is in the process of
design and development of
a metal detector similar to
the one pictured here.

Please Note: the machine pictured to the
left is not manufactured by Egli and has
merely been used for illustrative purposes.

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